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IVF in Cyprus: Why North Cyprus IVF Center?​

North Cyprus Ivf Center Advantages:

North Cyprus IVF Centre was established in 1998 and since that date, it has given the chance to thousands of couples to have the baby they had been longing for.

Being a pioneer in the field of IVF in Cyprus, North Cyprus IVF Centre was the very first clinic to be established in the North.

Our clinic cooperates and collaborates with many prestigious hospitals, scientists and agencies all over the world in order to provide you the highest quality of treatments available. 

Who is Dr. Savas Ozyigit?​

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit is the first and most experienced fertility specialist in North Cyprus. He has been a pioneer in the field of infertility, as well as obstetrics & gynecology.

Dr. Ozyigit has served as the chief of surgery at the State Hospital of Nicosia “Burhan Nalbantoglu” for over 15 years and is the founder of the very first IVF clinic “North Cyprus IVF Center” in North Cyprus.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit has numerous publications and books, as well as having authored the “Egg Donation” chapter, in the very first IVF textbook published in Turkey.

Dr. Ozyigit is the recipient of numerous accolades, including awards for medical excellence, lifetime achievement, and service quality. He is currently the director of “North Cyprus IVFCenter and “Elite Research and Surgical Hospital” in Cyprus.

Dr. Ozyigit is an active member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

The IVF Guide is Now available on Amazon ​and Barnes & Noble

IVF Treatment is one of the most personal journeys couples go through- A journey with ups and downs, tears and hopefully joy. You may have been through various tests and treatments without a positive outcome or you may just be beginning to look into your options. One important thing before embarking on such a journey is to equip yourselves with the right information about physiological aspects of fertility, pathologies that may cause infertility and available treatment options both in current use and on the horizon. The IVF guide will help you understand normal physiological processes as well as where things may go wrong that will lead to issues of infertility.

IVF Treatment in Older Age Brackets

It is no secret that men and women both experience a decline in their level of fertility as they age. However, women experience a much more pronounced decline in their fertility as they reach more advanced age brackets. One of the key factors when considering treatment options for women over 40 is an effective assessment of ovarian function.

Selection of Main Treatment Options

Egg donation at North Cyprus IVF clinic is a treatment option suitable for patients who cannot achieve pregnancy using their own eggs during an IVF treatment.

This group of patients include women with premature ovarian failure, women in menopause, women who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy and therefore lost their ovarian function, women at the risk of transmitting a genetic condition to her child and gay men who need donor eggs to have a child.

Due to our strict egg donor recruitment criteria, our expertise, high level of technology and favorable laws, we are able to offer success rates around 80% with this treatment option.

Egg donation in North Cyprus is done anonymously. However, we can offer agency donors from overseas agencies for patients willing to use a known egg donor. The cost of this option would be substantially higher than using a clinic egg donor. Read more on our “IVF with Egg Donation” section.

IVF with sperm donation is a fertility treatment option for couples with male factor infertility where the male partner suffers from azoospermia or any other problem which prevents him from achieving pregnancy using his own sperm sample. This treatment option is also offered to single women or lesbian couples who wish to become pregnant without a male partner.

In this treatment option, certified sperm samples from known and accredited sperm banks are used. IVF with sperm donation is also done anonymously where donor and recipient contact and personal information are kept confidential. Given that we use sperm samples in an anonymous fashion from sperm banks, we are also not in possession of your sperm donor’s identification or contact information. However, we do have access to medical information as well as relevant test and screening results.

Success with this treatment depends on not only the quality of sperm, but also the count and quality of oocytes to be obtained from the female patient For more information on sperm donor IVF treatment at North Cyprus IVF Center, please visit our “IVF with Sperm Donation” page.

IVF Curiosity

We know you may have a lot of questions at this point… How much does IVF Treatment Cost? What are the reasons for IVF failures? Can I be pregnant with a low AMH level? Can we have a successful IVF treatment with an azoospermia diagnosis? Why do I keep having miscarriages? Can I choose the sex of my baby with IVF treatment? What is the legal age limit for IVF treatment? What are the success rates for donor egg IVF treatment for women over 45? over 50? What is the difference between a known egg donor and an anonymous egg donor? Answers to all of these and many more can be found on our IVF Blog and FAQ pages.