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IVF With Embryo Donation in Cyprus

Overview & Cost of Embryo Donation

Patients with both male and female factor infertility as well as single menopausal women are suitable candidates for IVF treatment with embryo donation. Patients with hereditary genetic conditions are also ideal candidates.
IVF with embryo donation is the treatment option with highest success rate as it uses fertility proven eggs and sperm. Please see “Success Rates” for more information on success rates with embryo donation.
Female partner should undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan as well as infectious disease screening. Additional tests may be required depending on your previous history of infertility or previous IVF treatments if applicable.

The cost of IVF with egg and sperm donation (embryo donation) runs at 6,000 Euros. This is inclusive of donor expenses and your medical treatment. Your initial testing, accommodation and flights are not covered in this cost.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Embryo Donation?

Embryo donation is a treatment option with a double donation aspect where the patients receive both egg donation and sperm donation when planning their pregnancy.

In other words, both and egg donor and a sperm donor is used to create the embryos which will be used for treatment. Suitable patient groups for IVF with embryo donation include:

-Couples with both male and female factor infertility where the female partner is unable to achieve and/or maintain a pregnancy with her own eggs and where the male partner’s sperm sample is not of fertilizing capacity. Assessment of both male and female fertility levels will be important to concluded that there exists need for a double donation.


-Couples who are carriers of diseased alleles for a genetic mutation are also suitable candidates for embryo donation as they are at an elevated risk of transmitting an inherited genetic disease down to their offspring when own eggs and sperm cells are used for a pregnancy.

-Single women whose ovarian reserves have been depleted and need to use both an egg donor and a sperm donor for an IVF pregnancy.

In order to assess suitability for this treatment, our IVF specialists at North Cyprus IVF Centre will ask for your hormone testing, history of (in)fertility as well as previous fertility testing/treatment if applicable. It is important that your history of (in)fertility is carefully reviewed before treatment recommendation can be made by our specialists. This is one of the main reasons why we can maintain high standards of technical service quality and high success rates: We make sure that your treatment program is designed in an optimal manner.

Embryo Donation Overview

Embryo donation, or sometimes referred to as embryo adoption, is a treatment type where both an egg donor and a sperm donor are used during the IVF process. Embryo donation is a treatment option for couples with male and female factor infertility where neither the female patient’s eggs nor the male patient’s sperm are viable for the IVF procedures for embryo creation. It is also a treatment option for single females whose ovarian reserves have been depleted and will be in need of both eggs and sperm in order to get pregnant. In order for North Cyprus IVF specialists to be able to make an assessment of both partners’ infertility, infertility assessment explained in our “Infertility” section will be in order. Once an assessment have been made, and it becomes evident that both and egg donor and a sperm donor will be required with treatment, we will be able to proceed accordingly.

Embryo donation works very much like “IVF with Egg Donation” in terms of the steps involved in treatment. The female partner receives the same type of treatment as a patient undergoing “IVF with Egg Donation”. The only difference is, on the day of your donor’s egg retrieval procedure, instead of your partner’s sperm, donor sperm is used for fertilization. Otherwise, procedures and steps involved will be identical to those followed in IVF with Egg Donation treatment.

Who are Egg and Sperm Donors at North Cyprus IVF?

All donor sperm used at North Cyprus IVF Centre comes from certified cryobanks from Europe and the United States. We do not accept sperm donations on a walk-in basis from the local population. All sperm samples purchased from cryobanks come with a certificate indicating that the sperm donor has been tested for necessary infectious diseases, has undergone genetic screening and has fulfilled the necessary criteria for donating sperm. All sperm donor samples that we use at North Cyprus IVF Centre have to be anonymous by law, meaning, we cannot share donor’s private contact information or donor’s pictures with the recipients. However, we can provide detailed profile information for our sperm donors with quite a large amount of information. Each patient is matched with a sperm donor based on many specifications. You will be asked to fill out a donor/recipient form to specify your requests for your sperm donor selection.

Egg donors, on the other hand, are used fresh, meaning, we do not offer our treatments with frozen donor eggs, but rather, we prepare egg donors for a fresh cycle at the same time that the recipient is being prepared to receive her embryos. Egg donor recruitment has very strict criteria at North Cyprus IVF Centre.

-An egg donor must be aged between 19-35 by North Cyprus assisted reproductive treatment laws and regulations. However, this criteria has been adjusted to only include young women between the ages of 19-25 at North Cyprus IVF Centre in order to offer our patients higher quality oocytes, therefore, a higher chance of success with their IVF treatment.
-All egg donors must undergo a thorough infectious disease screening including Anti-HIV, Anti-HCV, HbsAg, VDRL, CMV IgG, Rubella IgG.
-All egg donors undergo specific genetic testing for diseases that might be prevalent in their ethnicity of origin, such as beta thalassemia for Mediterranean egg donors, cystic-fibrosis for Jewish egg donors and sickle cell anemia for African egg donors.
-All egg donors must have a body mass index within normal standards. Overweight / underweight donors are not admitted to our program.
-Egg donors should have an acceptable medical history and family medical history which helps us minimize the amount of exposure to inheritable genetic problems with your future children.
-All egg donors need to pass a psychological counseling session before they are allowed to donate their eggs in order to make sure that they understand the consequences of donating eggs and that they are mentally stable.

Similar to how sperm donors are matched, you will be provided with a donor/recipient form where you can specify your requests for your egg donor. With the information that you provide, our donor coordinator will provide you with a few egg donor matches to choose from.

How to Get Started?

The first step in fertility treatments is to obtain as much information about our patients as possible. Given that own eggs and own sperm cells are not used in embryo donation treatments, assessment of ovarian function and semen parameters will not be relevant as they have already been assessed and that is the main reason double donation is sought in the first place. However, there are certain tests that our specialists at North Cyprus IVF Centre will require before proceeding with treatment. These have to do with making sure that the female patient is fit for pregnancy and that there are no problems that might interfere with a successful pregnancy. Usually a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan and infectious disease screening are sufficient preliminary tests before treatment planning, however, if the patient(s) have a history of miscarriages or IVF failures and/or predisposition to a genetic problem, additional tests will be in order. At this point, we expect that the patient provides us with some information on previous testing and/or treatments in order to give us a complete picture. It is best to go through the “Infertility Testing” page and go though the tests that we require for different groups of patients.

You will also be required to undergo infectious disease screening as a standard procedure. While in the past it was acceptable to undergo these tests locally and provide us with your report, under our new regulatory protocols, these tests must be performed by our own laboratory when you arrive in Cyprus due to safety reasons. It is in our best interest to keep the risk of a blood-borne pathogenic contamination down to a minimum by using strict criteria. This is a protocol set for protecting our patients’ gametes from contamination.

Cost of Embryo Donation at North Cyprus IVF Centre

The cost of embryo donation at North Cyprus IVF Centre is 6,000 Euros. This is inclusive of the costs associated with the purchase of donor sperm from the relevant sperm banks, your egg donor’s medication and her compensation as well as all the medical procedures that take place in our facilities. However, there are some additional costs that cannot be included in the overall cost of treatment which include:

-Cost of your preliminary tests and scans prior to your arrival in Cyprus, which should be limited to a maximum 200-250 Euros on average.
-Cost of your own medication, which should be on average about 300-350 Euros including medication to be used throughout pregnancy.
-Cost of accommodation and your airfare (for more information on accommodation alternatives, please see the “accommodation” section.
-Cost of your infectious disease screening, which needs to be performed at our own laboratory for safety reasons. This costs 200 Euros.

What Happens After Arrival in Cyprus?

The preliminary work starts locally with your local doctor. We ask that you have your initial tests and screening performed locally before our IVF specialists can formulate your treatment program. This is a very important step, because, without your test and assessment, we will not be able to send you a treatment program. If you do not have a local gynecologist or a testing center, we may be able to recommend you one depending on your location.

Preliminary work involves testing and screening, medication use, and monitoring while using medication. Once the preliminary work is final, you will be required to travel to Cyprus in order to finalize your treatment. At this point, we will have observed that you are ready for your embryo transfer and that your uterine lining (endometrium) has reached an ideal size for embryo receptivity. Your expected day of arrival in Cyprus is around day 17/18 of your menstrual period, but this may slightly change depending on your unique and customized treatment protocol.

Once you are in Cyprus, you will be handed a folder of information by the driver who will be picking you up at the airport. This folder of information will contain important information such as your appointment times. Your first appointment will involve a consult with your patient coordinator, medical check-up by the nurse and a doctor consultation. At this point, your next appointment will be set by the doctor and the rest will follow accordingly.

Embryo transfer is a painless procedure and is not done under anesthetic. You will be awake for the procedure and will be able to watch the embryo transfer on the ultrasound screen as your embryos are being transferred into the uterus. This is not a surgical procedure, therefore, hospitalization is not necessary. You will rest for a few hours at the clinic after your embryo transfer procedure and will go back to your normal routine afterwards.

Please contact us for more information about our embryo donation program.

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