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IVF Success Rates at North Cyprus IVF Center

Why does North Cyprus IVF Centre has such high success rates

Both patients and the IVF centers converge on one ultimate aim – success! This is a common goal for both patients and their fertility specialists. For patients, a Successful fertility treatment translates into a successful pregnancy which will result in a healthy baby nine months later. For IVF clinics, success translates into prestige- it is an indication that the clinic is doing its job right! This makes pregnancy a mutual goal for both patients and their fertility specialists.

As much as we would like to achieve success with all our patients, sometimes this may not be possible. IVF success rates depend on a variety of factors. If you think of IVF as a mathematical equation, success is the end result, but the factors that contribute to success are numerous. In a way, IVF success is like a multivariable mathematical equation. Age is one of the main determinants of success. Besides age, egg and sperm quality, uterine and cervical factors, genetics and many other conditions can affect success rates. This is precisely why we consistenly talk about customized treatments and customized treatment protocols for our patients. Every patient is unique and each patient requires a unique approach for an effective treatment and a successful outcome.

While it is tempting to accept success rates as a fact, rather than average success rates, you should be more focused on unique factors that will specifically bring you success individually. Keep in mind that success is a result of many factors, therefore, a 60% success rate for a specific treatment, for instance, may not necessarily reflect your own personal chance of success during this very same treatment. Success rates for treatments include every patient who has received the treatment. Some of these patients may have both male and female factors of infertility and some may have more chronic conditions than others. Therefore, the negative cycles in a large group of patients may not necessarily reflect your own likely experience with treatment. From initial investigation to testing, from medication choice to administering medication and from doctor to embryologist, there are a lot of considerations in IVF treatments. When all of these considerations are made optimally, combined with your own physiological facts, we will have a balanced equation for success.

Even though each patient is unique and each patient should focus on her own factors of success, there is only one standard way of quoting clinical success and that is age-based averages. While it goes against our arguments above, we do publish our per treatment success rates as that is the only way success rates can be provided for a broad group of patients. It makes sense to have a general idea about these numbers without taking them as absolute facts. Your success rate depends on your unique assessment. Below are the average success statistics for North Cyprus IVF for the past few years:

Success rates for 2017

Egg donation success rates at North Cyprus IVF Clinic

While success for some treatments vary by a few percentages from one year to another, that is purely due to patient demographics in most cases. However, in the last few years, we have seen an increase in success rates with treatments where patients use their own eggs, especially in older age brackets. We attribute this change to the introduction of our new protocols as well as our PRP treatments. PRP application has dramatically increased chances of pregnancy using own eggs in more advanced age brackets. Introduction of such new treatments has allowed us to use more flexible age limits for using own eggs during IVF treatments.

Below, you will find our success rates from previous years:

Success rates with egg donation, sperm donation, gender selection and ICSI success at North Cyprus IVF Centre
                                                                 Success Rates for 2015

IVF success rates at North Cyprus IVF in 2016

Please keep in mind that success statistics are based on 2 and 3 embryo transfers in the case of IVF treatments. Single embryo transfers are not calculated in success statistics. Chances of pregnancy with single embryo transfers will be considerably lower compared to 2 or 3 embryos. However, it is also important to note that, the higher the number of embryos transferred, the higher the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy. If you would like to avoid being pregnant with multiples, then it will be important to keep the number of embryos transferred down to 1 or 2 embryos. If you welcome multiples, then transferring 3 embryos would be the most appropriate course of action.

Why does North Cyprus IVF Centre has such high success rates?

North Cyprus IVF Centre is a patient-centered fertility clinic which not only treats, but also researches and produces clinical studies. With an active quest for knowledge and improvement, our clinic is one of the most advanced fertility clinics in the world. There are several factors that contribute to the success of North Cyprus IVF Centre. These include:

– Accumulation of know-how and experience within the past 22 years as we are the very first fertility treatment clinic in the region. Practice makes perfect! As the oldest clinic in Northern Cyprus, we reserve the first place to ourselves when it comes to successful IVF outcomes! In a 22 year-old IVF clinic, there are no rooms for trial and error.

– We are not just an IVF clinic, but also a research centre with own research team who investigate the underlying causes of infertility both at the patient level and the global level, allowing us to provide you with customized care. Our genetics laboratory and our clinical trial programs provide us constant support for improving our approaches and excelling at what we do.

– Our egg donor program only admits donors aged between 19-25 who have donated before and contributed to a positive pregnancy, therefore, we only use pregnancy proven fertile and healthy egg donors which is one of the main contributors of success in donor program. This is precisely why we have been named the “Leading IVF Clinic in Donor Egg treatments”. Success rates for IVF with egg donation tends to run higher than 70% as an overall rate at North Cyprus IVF Clinic.

– We are able to transfer up to 3 embryos legally, increasing your chances of success with IVF treatments compared to a lower number of embryos transferred. It is not just the number of embryos that matters, but the quality of these embryos as well that make all the difference when it comes to success. Our MicroChip sperm selection method and our time-lapse embryo screening systems allow us to make sure we offer you a state of the art treatment which aims to maximize the quality of your embryos during your IVF cycle.

– We offer ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) free of charge as a standard procedure with all our IVF treatments to all our patients.

– We are able to offer non-conventional methods and approaches such as Cytoplasmic Transfer to patients in older age brackets as well as many other clinical trials to patients who qualify. This is also a factor which contributes to success via improved embryo quality.

– We make sure that you are offered a custom prepared treatment protocol geared toward your specific needs and requirements.

– Dr. Savas is a pioneer in the field of infertility!