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Fertility Treatment Options

Options For Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatments have one aim: To help achieve pregnancy. While treatments for infertility may not always cure the problem, they at least attempt a one-time fix in order to create pregnancy. In some patients, non-invasive therapies may help restore fertility so that pregnancy can be achieved naturally without the need for more invasive treatment options. In some patients, the physiological processes may have been compromised to a higher extent, requiring assistance in a laboratory setting where the eggs and sperm can be fertilized under an embryologist’s observation. Some other patients may not benefit from neither option as their eggs or sperm cells may not be suitable for obtaining a viable pregnancy. In such cases, third party donations become an option.

Non-Invasive Options

Non-invasive fertility treatments are often used for couples in younger age brackets who do not have an apparent infertility issue but are still unable to conceive via natural conception methods. Problems with ovulation due to hormone imbalances can also be helped with hormonal regulation with medication, especially in patients with polycystic ovaries (PCO/PCOS). Non-invasive options include clomifene citrate cycles where ovulation is controlled with medication and intercourse is planned in a timely fashion. Alternatively, gonadotropins can be used to stimulate the ovaries when clomifene citrate is not sufficient for a desired level of ovarian stimulation.

IUI - IVF Treatments

When there are more pronounced issues of infertility or when the patients do not respond to non-invasive methods, relatively more sophisticated treatments will be required. These include IUI Treatments where the female patient's eggs are stimulated with medication and the male partner's sperm cells are inserted directly into the female patient's uterus. If IUI doesn't work, or the patients are in more advanced reproductive age, it may be wiser to go directly for an IVF Treatment, where the female patient's eggs are fertilized with the male patient's sperm cells manually in the lab and are returned to the uterus for pregnancy.

Third Party Conception

When patients are in more advanced age brackets or when they are not responding to IVF treatments with their own gametes, third party conception treatments become an option. If the problem lies on the male side, IVF with donor sperm becomes an option. Donor sperm is often consulted after undergoing surgical sperm extraction methods and no live sperm cells are found in the testes. If the cause of infertility rests with the eggs, then IVF using donor eggs becomes an option. When infertility stems from both the eggs and the sperm cells and viable embryos cannot be obtained, IVF with embryo donation becomes an available treatment option.

Special Treatments at North Cyprus IVF Center

Gender or sex selection refers to choosing the sex of your baby before conception. Gender selection program at North Cyprus IVF Centre allows patients to select the sex of their unborn baby for family balancing purposes or to eliminate the likelihood of X-linked genetic diseases with their unborn child. Gender selection methods include pre-implantation genetic screening, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD/PGS) and MicroSort sperm sorting techniques.

Due to legal regulations, Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening cannot be used as a gender selection method in Cyprus. Therefore, MicroSort becomes the only alternative for selecting the sex of your baby.

Please be aware that North Cyprus IVF Center is the sole owner of MicroSort technologies in Europe and the Middle East and no other clinic in Cyprus has access to this technology without purchasing the service directly from us. It has been brought to our knowledge that some other clinics in Cyprus are claiming to offer MicroSort, but this is NOT the case. MicroSort provides you with an individual patient number where you can check the authenticity of your sorted sperm sample. If you are not provided with a MicroSort number and/or an authenticity document, then you are not offered MicroSort. MicroSort offers an accuracy of around 80% for sex selection. For more information about our gender selection program, please visit “Gender Selection Options” page.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent progenitor cells, meaning that they have the ability to differentiate into many other cell types. Moreover, MSCs express several enzymes, growth factors, and chemical messengers called chemokines which stimulate cellular growth, proliferation, and differentiation.

To date, the therapeutic and healing properties of MSCs have been observed and validated in numerous medical fields including orthopedics, dermatology and tissue regeneration in general. Animal studies have also shown that injecting MSCs into the seminiferous tubules can induce spermatogenesis in males with non-obstructive azoospermia. Similarly, spermatogonial sperm cell transplantation from healthy animals to azoospermic animals has been shown to significantly stimulate spermatogenesis.

Following this, clinical trials are currently underway to evaluate whether injecting MSCs into the testes can stimulate spermatogenesis in human patients with non-obstructive azoospermia. Due to the low side effect profile, “stem cell therapy” will become a very popular clinical application for the treatment of male infertility. North Cyprus IVF Center is one of the very few clinics in the world to commercially offer this therapy for the treatment of azoospermia as well as certain sub-types of female infertility.