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Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy via Cyprus America Surrogacy services (CASS)

Couples with Female factor infertility where the female patient is unable to carry pregnancy to a full term for any reason. This can be due to lack of uterus due to a genetic reason, removal of uterus, or incapability of the uterus to carry pregnancy to a full term.

Since a pregnancy proven surrogate is used in our surrogacy program, success rates tend to be high. However, use of own eggs versus donor eggs or own sperm versus donor sperm can make differences in success rates in surrogacy treatments.

Required tests will vary across patients. Testing will depend on whether own eggs or sperm will be used or whether donor use is required. If own eggs and sperm are being used, testing will be similar to those asked in our standard “IVF/ICSI” treatment.
The cost of our surrogacy program varies depending on a number of factors such as surrogate compensation, donor use and medical screening required. However, it is safe to say that our surrogacy program runs between 68K to 80K USD all inclusive.

Who Needs a Surrogate Mother?

Gestational surrogacy refers to an arrangement where a gestational surrogate (or a surrogate mother) agrees to carry a child who is not biologically related to her.

In other words, patients who cannot carry a pregnancy to a full term for medical or non-medical reasons can seek the help of a third person, a gestational surrogate, to carry the pregnancy for them.

Patient groups who are most likely to need assistance from a surrogate mother include:

-Couples where the female partner has a serious medical condition which prevents them from getting pregnant or jeopardizes the patient’s own health in the event of a pregnancy.

-Couples where the female partner does not have a fully developed uterus or has no uterus at all.
-Couples with very hectic schedules who need the help of a surrogate mother to deliver their child.
-Gay couples who cannot achieve pregnancy on their own terms.

At North Cyprus IVF Center, we can help all groups of patients who need assistance with their pregnancy.

Overview of CASS Program

Surrogacy in Cyprus does not have solid legal grounds, therefore, any legal contract you may have with your surrogate is likely to have enforceability issues. This is why we only offer gestational surrogacy through our unique surrogacy program called CASS (Cyprus America Surrogacy Services). With this unique program, we offer you affordable low cost surrogacy arrangements with a legal surrogacy framework backed by the US legal system.

Our US-based surrogacy program works in a dual phase. The legal work, surrogate recruitment, child delivery and registration take place in the United States, in one of the surrogate-friendly states depending on your surrogate is recruited.

The first step in surrogacy IVF treatment, once the necessary framework has been established, is to design a contract which specifies the rules and the steps involved in the surrogacy arrangement. Our lawyer in the US is specialized in surrogacy cases and has a very good reputation for it. Our lawyer’s office will draft your contract with all the legal framework established, and all the details itemized. You will then review your contract before signing and proceeding with treatment. For a contract to be ready, we will be needing to match you with a surrogate and have everything discussed thoroughly so both parties can agree on common grounds. As each contract is different from the other depending on your requests (apart from the standard parts), you will only be able to review your contract once the lawyer drafts it specially for you.

The next step is to prepare medically for the actual treatment to take place. This requires a series of events in which first we ask for certain tests and diagnoses from all parties involved, make an assessment based on these test results and formulate a treatment calendar accordingly. At this point, if an egg donor is required, we would be matching you up with a suitable egg donor as well. Either you or your donor will prepare medically for an ovarian stimulation cycle in order to produce multiple good quality oocytes to be used during the IVF cycle.

Once the preliminary work is final, we will proceed with treatment. At this point, we will perform oocyte retrieval from you or your donor, fertilize with your sperm sample (or donor sperm if requested) and create the embryos. The highest quality embryos, in turn will be transferred into your surrogate’s uterus. Your surrogate will go back to the US and the treatment will be over. Once the baby is born after nine months, you will make a single trip to the US to hold your child for the first time!

Our main aim is to provide a low cost affordable treatment without sacrificing the quality and reliability. Therefore, we make sure your surrogate is bound by a very well-prepared contract by someone who has significant amount of experience in this field. The actual treatment is carried out by our own professional IVF team.

Steps Involved in Our Gestational Surrogacy Program

The first step in a surrogacy arrangement is to gather all the necessary information so that we can make sure that your treatment program is designed to optimize the outcome of the process. You should keep in mind that surrogacy is a process which involves many stages. Therefore, it makes sense to go through these stages one by one to give you a clear picture:

Step 1: Information Gathering
The very first step is to gather the relevant information to make sure surrogacy in fact is the right approach to your fertility needs. Sometimes patients can be confused with the IVF jargon that we commonly receive requests for surrogacy where in fact the patient only needs an egg donor. The two are very different procedures, therefore, it is important to get our facts together so that we can identify the most suitable course of treatment for you. You may need a surrogate mother as well as an egg or a sperm donor, or both. You may have other requests, such as genetic screening of embryos. Therefore, the first things is always getting all the facts together to kay the foundation of your treatment.

Step 2: Agency Related Work
The next step is to put you in touch with our agency in the United States, which will guide you through all the legal work involved in a surrogacy arrangement. Once you obtain all the relevant information regarding surrogate recruitment, surrogacy contracts, pregnancy monitoring, child delivery and insurance policies, it is time to fill out the intended parent application form in order to request a match to be found. Once you have a match, the next stage is drafting your contract. Our lawyers carefully take into consideration your requests and draft you a contract to be signed between you and your surrogate mother. This contract will define the parameters of your surrogacy arrangement. Before signing your contract, we always recommend that you seek advice from a local lawyer with regards to registering your child at home since each country has a different set of laws and we may need to do things differently on each occasion so that your local authorities won’t create a problem when registering your child.

Step 3: Medical Work

On the medical side we have a few things to consider:

A- Preliminary Work: Once you are matched with your surrogate, then comes the medical part of your treatment. If you are using your own eggs and own sperm sample, then the process works very much like standard IVF treatment where we ask or a round of hormone testing and a semen analysis for fertility assessment and we can identify the right medication regimen which will optimize the count and quality of the eggs that we obtain so that we can offer you the maximum chance of success.

If you are not using your own eggs, you will need an egg donor for the IVF procedure to be completed. (Patients in older age brackets, patients with premature ovarian failure, same-sex male couples are the main groups of patients who are likely to need an egg donor) For this, we will be sending you a donor/recipient form so that we can get your specifications and narrow down the donor options. Once our donor coordinator identifies the suitable matches for you, we send you these profiles so that you can choose your own donor.

B- IVF procedures: The IVF procedures involve preparing your egg donor and your surrogate simultaneously. At this point, both your egg donor and your surrogate will receive medication to prepare for the medial procedures that will take place at our clinic. When your egg donor is ready for her egg retrieval procedure, your surrogate will also be ready to receive the embryos. This is the stage where your surrogate will be traveling to Cyprus to receive the embryos. This will most likely be the time where you will meet your surrogate for the first time face to face. This is the time when we obtain your sperm sample for the IVF process.

C- Embryo transfer to surrogate: This is the stage where your embryos have grown and we have information about their development and quality grading. Legally, we are able to transfer up to three embryos, but that is something that you can discuss with your doctor on the day of your embryo transfer and decide how you would like to proceed. But generally this is included on your contract, so there would be a legal limit to the number of embryos that can be transferred which is agreed between you and your surrogate- besides our laws and regulations.

Cost of Our Gestational Surrogacy Program

North Cyprus IVF Center is proud to offer a low cost, affordable surrogacy program that is backed 100% by the US legal system. In the United States, a surrogacy program cost can be very high, but due to the nature of very special agreement we have between our clinic and the agency in the United States, our program cost remains very reasonable compared to other agencies and clinics in the US. Below is a summary of our costs:

Agency Fee: $12,500

Surrogate’s Fee: Between $25,000 – $35,000.

Legal Fees: Between $6,000 – $8,500

IVF and Related Medical Fees: $12,000 – $18,000

Embryo Transfer Fee (for gestational surrogacy)– paid to Surrogate after each Embryo Transfer —- $500

Maternity Clothing Allowance– $750  for singleton, $1,000 for multiples

Life Insurance Policy for surrogate —– $595

Multiple Births: For each additional child the surrogate carries —– $5,000

Monthly Allowance: $250 per month

Travel expenses to Fertility Clinic: $5,000

Medical Insurance Co-Pays for pregnancy/delivery —— $0 — $3,500

Surrogacy Escrow: $1,000 — $1,200

Health Insurance for Surrogate (if needed) $300-$400 per month

Passport Fees (for international intended parents): $500

There are also fees that might arise based under certain circumstances such as a twin pregnancy, lost wages due to bed rest during pregnancy, premature delivery and NICU expenses and etc. However, these are carefully dealt with in your contract to let you know what you might be faced with in certain unlikely and/or unwanted events.

Please also browse our “Frequently Asked Questions” section for specific questions and answers related to our affordable international surrogacy program. The chances are, we have been asked these questions before and have already prepared a comprehensive answer to them.

For more information regarding our services, please use our “contact form“.

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For same-sex male couples, please refer to our “Gay Surrogacy” section.